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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Survey Research

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 211
Yasmin Bayer

Chapter 9: Survey research Define “questionnaire”. A document containing questions and other types of items designed to solicit information appropriate to analysis. Questionnaires are used primarily in survey research, but also in experiments, field research, and other modes of observation. What are the two forms of questionnaire? 1) Questions and Statements: helps researcher to determine the extent to which respondent hold a particular attitude or perspective. Ex. Likert Scale. 2) Open ended and closed ended questions: Open-ended questions are questions to which respondents are asked to provide their own answers. Qualitative in depth interviewing relies heavily on open ended questions, but they are sometimes used in other forms of data collection such as telephone surveys and self administered questionnaires. Ex: “what do you feel is the most important issue facing Canada today?” and be provided with a space to write in the answer. Closed ended questions are questions to which the respondent is asked to select an answer from among a list provided by the researcher. These are popular in survey research because they provide a greater uniformity of responses and are more easily processed than open-ended questions. What are the 2 weaknesses of open-ended questions? 1) They must be coded before they can be processed for computer analysis. 2) Also, there is a danger that some respondent s will give answers that are essentially irrelevant to the researchers’ intent. What are the strength and weakness of closed ended questions? 1) Strength: Provide great uniformity of respon
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