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"Rethinking Globalization- An Analytical Framework" (David Held, Andrew McGrew, David Glodblatt, Jonathan Perraton).pdf

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McGill University
Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 307
Zygmunt Mochnacki

Introduction simple definitions widening deepening speeding up of global interconnectednessaccelerating interdependenceaction at adistancetimespace compression BUT simple definitions are compatible with more spatially confined process spread of natl or regional interconnectionsfor globalization must acknowledge its distinctive spatial attributes and the way these unfold over timeglobalization located on continuum with local natl and regl one end soc and eco relations and networks organized on a local and natl basisother end soc and eco relations and networks crystallize on the wider scale of regl and global interactions glob is those spatiotemporal processes of change linking together and expanding human activity across regions and continents extensityof soc pol and eco activities across frontiers events decisions activities in one region can have significance for those in distant regions transregional interconnectedness action at a distance intensitygrowing magnitude of interconnectedness which transcends the constituent societies and states of the world velocityof global interactions and processes development of worldwide systems of transport and communication increase potential velocity of global diffusion of ideas goods info capital ppl impactof distant events is magnified local developments can have global consequences boundaries bw domestic and global affairs blurred official definition of globalizationA process or set of processes which embodies a transformation in the spatial or organization of social relations and transactionsassessed in terms of their extensity intensity velocity and impactgenerating transcontinental or interregional flows and networks of activity interaction and the exercise of power flowsmovements of physical artefacts ppl symbols tokens and info across space and timenetworksregularized or patterned interactions between independent agents nodes of activity or sites of powerlocalizationconsolidation of flows and networks within a specific localenationalizationsocial relations and transactions are developed within the framework of fixed terr bordersregionalizationclustering of transactions flows networks and interactions bw functional or geo groupings of states or societiesinternationalizationpatterns of interaction and interconnectedness bw 2 nationstates irrespective of their specific geographical location glob is in a complex and dynamic relationship with localization nationalization regionalization and internationalization they can remove barriers but they can also impose limits on glob Historical Forms of Globalizationthe particular form taken by glob may differ bw historical erasneed analytical framework for organizing such comparative hist enquiry historical forms of globalization the spatiotemporal and organizational attributes of global interconnectedness in discrete hist epochs 1 extensity of global networks2 intensity of global interconnectedness3 velocity of global flows4 impact propensity of global interconnectednessquantitative and qualitative assessmentavoids tendency to either see glob as fundamentally new or without novelty for global eco and soc interconnectedness bc resembles those of past timesBUT one part of glob difficult to operationalize IMPACT four analytically distinct types of impacts1 decisional
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