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Chapter 13

chapter 13- Mendel and the Gene.pdf

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Lovaye Kajiura

chapter 13 Mendel and the GeneThe chromosome theory of inheritance explained how genetic info is passed on from one generation to the nextattributes of life life is cellularcell theorypopulations evolvetheory of evolutionorganisms process infochromosome theoryMendels rules of inheritanceaustrian monk gregor mendel in 1865 announced the rules of inheritance which he discovered through a series of experiments on garden peasanimal breeders and horticulturists were concerned about heredityinheritance of traits from parent to offspring Trait is any characteristic of an individual ex heightChromosome theory of inheritanceformulated by walter sutton Theodor boveri 1902theory suggests meoisis causes patterns of inheritance medel observed and that hereditary factors called genes are located on chromosomesHypotheses about how traits were transmittedBlending inheritanceTraits from both parents blend together to form the trait the offspring has therefore offspring has the intermediate trait ex white and black sheep parentsgrey offspring Inheritance of acquired Traits in both parents are modied and then passed on to their offspring in the modied form ex giraffes strain neck to reach high trees offspring will inherit trait for longer necksMendels pea plantgarden pea Pisum sativum model organism chosen because practical inexpensive easy to grow short generation time produce large number of seedscontrol which parents involved w mating and arrange matings between individuals with phenotyperecognizable traits model organism species used for research bc practical and conclusions drawn from studying applied to many other speciesMatingSperms cells produced in pollen grains which are small sacs that mature in male reproductive structureeggs produced in female reproductive systemself fertilizeowers pollen falls on female reproductive structure of same owercross fertilization different plants mate together Medel did this by removing male reproductive organ one plant and transferring pollen from another pea plant to that female reproductive organ with a brush
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