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Chapter 3&6

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BIO 2C03 Chapter 3 3.1 Gregor Mendel Discored the Basic Principles of Heredity - He used the pea plant as an experimental subject. - Was easy to cultivate - Peas grow rapidly. Compelting an entire geeration in a single growing season. - Pea plants produce many offspring (seeds) which allowed Mendel to detect ratios in the traits he observed in the progeny. - Large numbers of variety of peas.\ - He focused on traits that exist in two easily differentiated forms. - He was successful because he adopted an experimental approach and interpreted his results using mathematics. Genetic Terminology - Gene is an inherited factor that determines a characteristic - Genes come in different versions called alleles. - Alleles for a particular gene are found at the locus for that gene. - For some characters, differences between phenotypes are determined largely by differences in genotype: in other words, the genetic limits for that phenotype are narrow. - For other characters, environmental differences are more important; in this case, the limits imposed by the genotype are broad. - Only the genotype is inherite 3.2 Monohybrid Crosses Reveal the Principle of Segregation and the concept of Dominance - Monohybrid cross: those between parents that differed in a single characteristic. - 1 generation of a cross is the P generation. - Offspring from parents in the P generation are the F1 generation. - He found that the traits of the parent plants don’t blend. - Traits are passed to f2 progeny in a 3:1 ratio. What monohybrid crosses reveal - He concluded that each plant must possess two genetic factors encoding a character. - Two aleles in each plant separate when gametes are form
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