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Mckenzie Wang

HRManagementChapter1CompetitivenessA companys ability to maintain and gain market share in its industry The value of a product or service is determined by its quality and how closely the product fits customer needsRelated to company effectiveness which is determined by whether the company satisfies the needs of stakeholdersHuman Resources ManagementPolicies practices and systems that influence employees behaviour attitudes and performanceIncludes analyzing and designing work determining human resource needs HR planning recruiting selection training and development compensation performance management employee relationsWhat Responsibilities and Roles Do HR Departments PerformA means to contribute to profitability quality and other business goals through enhancing and supporting business operationsResponsible for outplacement compliance with employment laws record keeping testing unemployment compensation and some aspects of benefits administrationEvolution of the HRM FunctionHR managers face two important challengesoShifting their focus from current operations to strategies for the futureoPreparing nonHR managers to develop and implement HR practicesEvidencebased HRoDemonstrating that HR practices have a positive influence on the companys bottom line or key stakeholdersHuman Resources Management Chapter 11
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