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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Gordon Qi Wang

Human Resource ManagementChapter 1 1122012 Human Resource Management is defined as the policies practices and systems that influence an employees behavior attitude and performance in the attainment of organizational goals The seven categories of HR activities are y Strategic HR ManagementProcess of linking the HR function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance Many organizations have Human Resource Management System HRMS which use information technology to provide managers and employees with more accurate and timely information on HR programs and activitiesy Equal Employment OpportunityCompliance with providing equal employment opportunities and its relevant laws and regulations affects all other HR activates and is integral to HR management y StaffingThe aim of staffing is to provide an adequate supply of qualified individuals to fill jobs in an organization By studying what workers do job analysis lays the foundation for the staffing function Then both job description and job specifications can be prepared to use when recruiting applicants for job openings y Talent Management and DevelopmentBeginning with the orientation of new employees talent management and development includes different types of training Solid orientation programs help with the retention of key employees Also HR Development of all employees i
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