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Commerce 2BC3 Chapter 13: Health safety security and risk management -Today, employers are expected to provide work environments that are safe secure and healthy Health and safety and security - A number of federal provincial and territorial laws have been established for health and safety requirements for Canadian employers Risk management: Involves responsibilities to consider physical human and financial factors to protect organizational and individual interests The nature and extent of risk management - Efforts are affected by number of factors such a size and location of organizations and industry characteristics and demands risk management has a number of different facets beyond complying with safety regulations Example ensuring that HR data are secure and they got backup and prevention of employee identity theft Nature of health, safety and security - The terms are closely related Health: is a general state of physical mental and emotional well being - A healthy person is free from illness injury or mental and emotional problems that impair normal human activity - Health management practices in organizations strive to maintain the overall well-being of individuals Health safety and security responsibilities - The general goal of providing a safe and secure and healthy workplace is reached by operating managers and HR working together - HR manager or safety specialist can help coordinate health and safety programs - The position that is becoming more common in many companies is that of safety health and environment officer Safety: is a condition in which the physical well being of people is protected Security: is the protection of employees and organizational facilities Security issues include protecting employees from bomb threats at hostage situation Crisis management: deals with issues that provide an opportunity for HR to create value in the organization - Managing risk to the company can take the form of avoiding both negligent hiring and retention, by keeping workers who should have been terminated Current state of health safety and security - The three major causes of and injury are: Overextending Falling Bodily reactions They are responsible for over half of the direct costs of injury - Accident costs have gone up faster than inflation because of the rapid increase in medical costs even though the number of accidents has been decreasing for sometime - The national day of morning held annually on April 28 was officially recognized by the federal government in 1991 eight years after the day of remembrance was launched by the Canadian labor congress Honors those who have died or have been injured or became sick because of their jobs - Research on health and safety continues to show that poorly managed companies have higher losses from accidents - One group that has the highest rated accidents is young workers Occupational health and safety legislation - In Canada, Occupational Health & Safety is required to provide regulations guidelines standards and codes federally - Health and safety is regulated by the Canada Labour code each province and territory has its own occupational health and safety act which sets forth the rights and duties of all parties involved - Although the provincial and territorial asked to a different marginally from each other they all consist of an active powers of enforcement - The right of workers to refuse to do unsafe work protection workers from reprisals and duties and responsibilities for employers and others occupational health and safety is based on an internal responsibility system where the employee and the employer are jointly responsible for health and safety - All employees have 3 fundamental rights: The right to know The right to participate The right to refuse unsafe work The right to refuse and safe work is more complex than it may appear Certain procedures must be followed if the worker feels the work player performing is unsafe they must raise their concerns the supervisor who assesses the situation - With rights comes responsibilities, there are many stakeholders responsible for health and safety within organizations - The stakeholders are the employer, the supervisor, employee, and the joint health and safety committees Duties of employers owners and contractors - Employers duty is to fill their primary duty of providing employees with a safe work environment This duty is commonly referred to as the general duty clause and every province and territory in Canada has similar Occupational Health & Safety legislations that describes the other obligations of employers and workers - Legislators make the Occupational Health & Safety act strict liability legislation and introduce the possibility of a due diligence affect Due diligence: means that employers shall take all reasonable precautions under the particular circumstances to prevent injuries or accidents in the workplace - To exercise this an employer must implement a plan to fight possible workplace hazard and carry out the appropriate corrective action to prevent accidents or injuries or problems arising from these hazards - As a part of the duties required under Occupational Health & Safety legislation employers are expected at a minimum to ensure the following are provided: Prepare a view and maintain health and safety policy and established an occupational health service Post a copy of the act in the workplace Investigate all accident and illnesses - Contractors have similar responsibilities - However before a project is scheduled to begin they have to notify authorities for details, including costs scope and start date - They must exercise due diligence with their employees or whomever they contract with Duties of supervisors Supervisor: is a person must charge of the workplace and authority over a worker - Their duties include advising workers of possible hazards and ensuring that workers comply with the act and regulations as well as use or wear safety equipment devices and clothing They should also reg
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