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Commerce 3SO3Chapter 5 Performance ManagementPerformance Management The Dayto Day Work of Great Managers The best coaches know that their success stems largely from their people and they clearly understand 3 fundamental principles about the manager as coach Principle 1 Management is the intervention of getting things done through others Principle 2 Managers need their people more than those people need the managerPrinciple 3 Managers get rewarded for what their employees do not for what the managers doThe job of managers is to make their people as successful as possible They only succeed when their people succeed Coaching forms the basis of the relationship between employee and manager and nothing is more important to a managers success than that relationshipThe Importance and Challenge of Performance ManagementGood coaching is good business but it is neither selfevident nor easy to do wellAmple evidence also links poor performance management and coaching with decreases in productivity and lower perceptions of justice or fairness in firms The challenge of becoming an effective coach lies in the inherent discomfort involved in judging othersCoaching Versus MentoringCoaching should not be confused with mentoringMentoring is an intense longterm relationship between a senior more experienced person mentor and a more junior less experienced person protgMentoring differs from coaching in at least 2 significant ways1 The goal of mentoring is focused on an employees overall development not necessarily focused on daytoday performance2 Mentors are typically not the employees direct supervisor Myths of Performance ManagementPeople are naturally good observers of behaviourCoaching is about personal stylePerformance management is mostly common sense Feedback is always effectiveCoaching is only for low performers The Performance Management Cycle PMCChoose the right person for the right jobSet performance expectationsAssess performanceFeedback performanceThese are the essential elements of coachingGreat managers must learn to manage performance regardless of the circumstances they inherit Selecting People for Roles Choosing the Right People for the Right JobsSelection is prediction Overall managers are attempting to predict future employee success in the organization Selection efforts target 2 important aspects of employee success1 Future job performanceSelection methods allow managers to assess potential employees fit with the overall job requirements Managers must decide whether or not job candidates possess the right mix of knowledge skill and ability to successfully perform the job2 Future PersonOrganization FitSelection methods help both the candidate and the manager determine whether the candidate will fit within the culture of the organization
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