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Chapter 13

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Humanists believe that psychology is unique,study of mind does not resemble physics or chemistry, it is fundamentally different because the human mind is aware. It knows it's being studied and has opinions about itself that affect the way it is studied. What are the eight elements of humanistic psychology? Humanistic - study of humans, not animals Holistic - Human system is greater than sum of its parts Historic - Whole person from birth to death Phenomenological - Focus on interior, experimental and existential aspects of personality Real life - person in nature, society and culture, not the experimental lab Positivity - joy, fruitful activities, virtuous actions and attributes Will - choices, decisions, voluntary actions Value - A philosophy of life that describe what is desirable What makes studying humans different from studying rocks, molecules or animals? Willpower, reflective thinking, imagination, introspection, self-criticism, aspirations, creativity, happiness and free will What is phenomenology? One's conscious experience of the world What is your experience of the world called? construal The three parts of experience Umwelt - sensations felt by virtue of being a biological organism Mitwelt - think and feel as a social being Eigenwelt - experience of experience Thrown-ness or Geworfenheit (Heidegger) - time, place and circumstances in which you were born Why am I here? What should I be doing? Angst is known as
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