PSYCH 2C03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Elaboration Likelihood Model

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Published on 10 Dec 2014
Social Psychology 2C03 – Midterm 1 Textbook Notes –
Chapter 6 Pages 163-174
Persuasive Communication – communication style advocating a particular side of an
Yale Attitude Change Approach – the study of the condition under which people are most
like to change their attitudes in response to persuasive messages.
oSource of Communication – WHO SAID IT
oNature of Communication – HOW THEY SAID IT
oNature of the Audience – WHO DID THEY SAY IT TO
Heuristic-Systematic Model of Persuasion
oTheory that there are 2 ways in which persuasion communications can cause
attitude change. People either process the merits of the arguments (systematic)
or are swayed by peripherals to the message like “Experts are always right”
Elaboration Likelihood Model
oThe theory that there are two ways in which persuasive communications can
cause attitude change, the central rout occurs when people are motivated and
have the ability to pay attention to the arguments.
oThe peripheral route occurs when people do not pay attention to the arguments
but instead are swayed by surface characteristics (who is saying it, expert,
attractive speaker)
Positive Perceptions of a Brand leads to use of the heuristics route and avoidance of
central route (plasma televisions from Japan versus Peru)
People persuaded through systematic/central route are less prone to counter persuasion
and more consistent with the newly adapted attitude change.
Fear Arousing Communication
oA persuasive message that attempts to change people’s attitudes by arousing
their fears.
oFear arousing tactics used by Canadian Gov. for smoking
Leventhal et al 1967
Fear inducing lung cancer film with pamphlet to quit smoking – LED TO
No change in subject’s smoking habits with just movie alone or pamphlets
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