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SOCIOL 3U03 Chapter article: Trans Inds in ONT

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Tina Fetner

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Transgender inds in ON
Trans PULSE project
- Research study of social determinants of health among trans in Ontario through
respondent driven sampling
o All stats are generalizable to the pop
- Usually able to change the gender marker on their drivers licenses without being
required to have any surgeries, but not birth certificates or health cards
o Has changed following addition of gender ID or gender expression as a protected
ground and a successful ON human rights regarding sex designation change
- Transphobia encompasses everything from hate crimes to structural barriers to
inclusion in institutional settings to interpersonal discrimination
o Human rights violations
Who are trans inds in ON
- All racial backgrounds, form fams, geographically distribute across the province
- most inds know before 10
o often clear years before they socially transition to their ‘core gender’
- equal mf and f m
o 1/5 don’t ID as m/f – both, neither, or something else
Discrimination and violence experienced by trans
- Daily experience of stigma and discrimination
- Employment barriers and discrimination
o Fired for or believed for being trans
o Turned down for jobs and believed turned down bc of it
o Decline jobs the lack of trans positive and safe work enviro
o Structural barriers to employment
Can get references w current name or pronoun
Can’t get academic transcripts w correct name or sex designation
Unable to daw from their history
- Discrimination in med care
o Belittled or ridiculed
o Denied care
Refuse to examine specific body parts
o Demeaned
- Violence
o Targets of direct violence
Most assaulted by police
o In prisons being incarcerated in a facility approp to their gender ID was not
sufficient to protect them from transphobic violence
- ID documents
o Most can’t or haven’t changed
Impacts of discrimination and violence on social participation and health
- Exp of discrim and violence can result in exclusion from social spaces, unemployment,
avoidance of healthcare, and poor mental health
o Likely in edu and social services too
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