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Chapter 10

GEOG 129 Chapter 10: GEOG 129 - Chapter 10

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GEOG 129
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Chapter 10: Agricultural Geography Chapter Outline The Agricultural Location Problem Distance, Land Value, and Land Use Domesticating Plants and Animals World Agricultural Landscapes Global Agricultural Restructuring Food Production, Consumption, and Identity Agriculture in Canada Increasing demand for cultivated land and urbanization. Urban residents are disconnected from farm land. o Decrease in rural residents BC is one of the most urbanized provinces BC Land suitable for farming = 5 o With 1.1 prime soil Settlement Agriculture Share the Same Land Areas o Two areas of BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Sicamous Kamloops Osoyoos Triangle ALR Agricultural Land Reserve o Problem in Kelowna The Agricultural Location Problem Why are specific agricultural activities located where they are? o Physical: Climate Soils Topographical relief o Cultural: Technology Religion and ethnicity o Political: ?? Profit Maximizers o The most important variables impacting spatial patterns of agriculture are not necessarily physical, cultural, or political, but economic. o Agricultural products are produced in response to the market demand for them; thus, farming is subject to the basic laws of supply and demand. The Food Superhighway Movie
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