COMM 190 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Energy Star, External Auditor, Green Computing

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29 Jan 2013

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Ch. 9: IS Strategy, Governance and Ethics
Q1. What is the relationship between organizational strategy and IT
Use Porter’s five forces model to consider the industry structure and develop a
competitive strategy for the organization
This competitive strategy is supported through activities in the value chain, which
consist of a collection of business processes supported by information systems
Q2. What Is Information Technology architecture?
IT architecture is the basic framework for all the computers, systems, and information
management that support organizational services
Enterprise architect creates a blueprint of an organization’s information systems and the
management of these systems
o organizational objectives, business processes, databases, information flows,
operating systems, applications and software, and supporting technology
Zachman framework divides systems into two dimensions (listed below) to provide a
relatively holistic view of the enterprise
o Communication: what data, how function, where network, who people,
when time, why motivation
o Stakeholder groups: planner, owner, designer, builder, implementer and worker
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