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Resisting Inequalities

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Queen's University
Gender Studies
GNDS 120
J.Scott Matthews

Praxis- the bringing together of theory and practice in a synergistic process to make the combination better than if theory and practice were individual Maternal Feminism- women are mothers, therefore superior to men, because women are nurturing and caring Sojourner Truth- challenged the notion of women’s inferiority to men and black women’s inferiority to white women Frederick Douglas- expels the injustices of government, and that democracy excluded women Abolitionists- a person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution -Douglass and Truth continued to struggle for universal suffrage Women Liberation- ending women’s oppression on every level -Margaret Sanger- fought for women to gain control over their fertility Pink-Collar Jobs-segregation of women -reinforced patriarchal power structures -sexual harassment at work and domestic abuse Continuity in Women’s Movement-the permanence of feminisms and the connections among and between feminists, even when they are challenging each other -acknowledges differences in particular struggles across the waves Culture Jamming- form of activism that challenges dominant cultural messages by exposing myths (i.e power and gender, which advertisers use to sell products and the media uses to maintain the status quo -mode of guerrilla communications that resists and subverts popular culture -created artistically, using humour, irony, and satire Radio Jamming- used in WWII when radio operators attempted to disrupt the transmission of messages with noise or to misdirect the enemy with false messages W.I.T.C.H (Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell) - Group of women who used zaps-describes protest using guerilla theatre tactic and humor to contest the polices of big business and government agencies -exposed the link between capitalism and women’s oppression -also used culture jamming Synergy- one issue is connected to other issues to bolster change at many levels Problems that arise for viewing patriarchy as the common oppressor of women: • Men are the targets of feminism • Doesn’t take into account class and race Resisting Inequalities Gender Relations- site of power, privilege and oppression- locally and globally, historically and currently Gender Inequities-intersect with inequities related to race, sexuality, class, (dis)ability, nationality, etc. Resistance-to structures of oppression begins when we protest the status quo and identify the hegemonic power relations underlying social norms -continues with a call to challenge, disrupt and subvert all inequitable power relations based on differences of identity -Feminism is a social, political movement of resistance to gendered oppression -to inequitable relations of power essentially requires political action: -Participation in formal party politics Issues to Consider: • Is the pr
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