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ACC 406
Anthony Chan

Chapter 1: Introduction to Management Accounting Chapter 2: Basic Cost Concepts and Classifications What is cost?  Cost means resources used to actualize a specific object (cost objective)  In general, cost refers to value forgone to achieve a purpose  In specific, cost refers to economics resources paid for goods and services Manufacturing companies have 3 inventory accounts: 1) Raw material Inventory Account 2) Work in Process Inventory Account 3) Finished Goods Inventory Account  In manufacturing accounting, there are 3 cost components: 1) Direct Materials  These inputs physically become part of the product  Eg. Paper to produce books 2) Direct Labor  Wages paid for those employees who convert direct materials into product  Eg. Wages paid to assembly line workers 3) Overhead: includes all other cost associated with the process (except for direct loss  Eg. Factory rent, factory utilities repair and maintenance, insurance, indirect materials, indirect labour Seven Cost Equations for Manufacturing Companies: 1) Beginning Direct Material Direct Material Purchased Direct Material Inventory + = Available for sale 2) Direct Material for use Ending Direct Material Direct material used - = 3) Direct material for use Direct labour Overhead Total manufacturing + + = cost added 4) Total manufacturing cost Beginning work in Total manufacturing cost added + process inventory in progress = 5) Total manufacturing cost
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