CHY 182 Chapter Notes -Atomic Number, Hemoglobin, Daniel Rutherford

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17 Apr 2012
Name: Nitrogen
Symbol: N
Atomic number: 7
Atomic mass: 14.0067
Appearance: Colorless
Solid, liquid, or gas: Gas (At room temperature)
Metal, non-metal, or semimetal: Non-metal
For one isotope of this element (pick any isotope), the number of protons, neutrons, and
14N (Nitrogen-14)
Protons: 7
Neutrons: 7
Electrons: 7
When it was discovered and by whom: Nitrogen was discovered by Daniel Rutherford in 1772
Where it is located on earth (e.g. minerals, gases, etc.) and/or the human body (e.g. DNA,
enzymes, etc.): Nitrogen is found in all living organisms, and examples would be in proteins and
nucleic acids
One interesting fact about this element: 78% of the air that we breathe is Nitrogen
One application of this element to the environment, industry, or human health: Nitrogen reacts
with haemoglobin in blood, causing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to decrease
One word spelled in "chemistry letters" using your element (e.g. sulfur-hydrogen-argon-oxygen-
nitrogen-sodium spells S-H-Ar-O-N-Na): Titanium-Nitrogen (Spells TI-N)
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