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CRM 312
Stephen Muzzatti

CULTURAL CRIMINOLOGY AND THE CARNIVAL OF CRIME Mike Presdee Chapter ONE IntroductionWhile there is always some sort of crime happening in the world the young people often become the general targets for blame along with the notion of evil along with a whole collection of the usual scapegoats such as the Internetarticles on the murder of Jill Dando came coupled with how you would go about hiring a hit man if you wanted to and how much it would costCrime and violence seemed to have saturated all of life to the extent that for a while there seemed nothing elseFascination with violence and crime shows that there is also potential entertainment value to be realized from such actsthe way we enjoy violence crime humiliation and hurt needs to be thoroughly examined even the enjoyment of doing something wrong which is important because it puts us in touch with crime we become acquainted with the emotions of criminal life through our own transgressionscrime is as much about emotions as it is about poverty possessing and wealth in our society emotions stand in the way of the rational and material world The feeling of getting away with itexcitement of living on the edge of law and orderDesire becomes the engine that drives us to seek out certain cultural acts whilst the resulting pleasure drives desire once again to find new limitsIt is clear that cultural forms and artefacts are an important element in our everyday lives causing us to enter the realm of challenge control resistance and even carnivalColorado killings much was made of Goths and their music with its focus on death dying and darknessan attempt to connect youth subcultures with murder which continued with the Soho bombingsClear that cultural forms and artefacts are an important element in our everyday lives and as such we quickly come into conflict through the seeking of pleasure with the dominant perspectivesExcitement is the goal of the performance of many of dramas related it is directly related to breaking of boundaries confronting parameters and playing at the margins of social life in the challenging of controllerstheir control mechanisms Bakhtins concept of the second life of people 1984 where most of peoples transgressions emanate and the part of life that is inaccessible and untouchable to the official world of the scientific rationality of modernity and its politics parties and politiciansHowever as politicians attempt to bend social life through social policies we are forced into the realm of the second life where there becomes no difference between carnival and true life the second life where the only laws are the laws of freedom with no possibility of any life outside of it this unofficial life is where we express our fears of rational official life
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