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Entrepreneurship and Strategy
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ENT 526
Brad Mac Master

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Summary This chapter described some of the challenges in scaling a business to pursue a golden opportunity. It discussed things that can go wrong when everything goes right, as well as ways to manage the challenges of rapid growth. The chapter’s key points are summarized in the following list. The next, and final, chapter discusses some leadership implications of managing in an unpredictable market. • Getting big rightrefers to effectively scaling an organization to meet rapidly growing customer demand and fill a gap in the market before competitors rush in. Rapid revenue growth strains a company’s resources and requires careful management. Exercising the discipline to maintain a clear focus is critical to getting big right. • Standardize what matters. As companies move beyond the initial period of experimentation, ad hoc processes appropriate to the start-up phase fail under the strain of rapid growth when scaling. Managers must install standardized systems that consistently and reliably perform routine operations without top executive a
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