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Chapter 2

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Ryerson University
Entrepreneurship and Strategy
ENT 725
Phil Walsh

ENT725 Chapter 2 Notes Sources of Innovation Organizational CreativityThe creativity of the organization is a function of the creativity of the individuals within the organizationIntranet is a private network accessible only to authorized individuals like the internet but operates only within the organization Translating Creativity into Innovation The Inventor The inventor is interested in theoretical and abstract thinking and has an unusual enthusiasm for problem solving Inventors have 10 traits 1 Mastered the basic tools and operations of the field in which they invent 2 They are curious and more interested in problem than solutions 3 They question the assumptions made in previous work in the field 4 They often have the sense that all knowledge is unified Innovation by Users Innovations often originate from those who create solutions for their own needs User innovations often have no initial intention to profit from
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