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Ryerson University
FIN 300
Michael Inglis

Chapter 1 Introduction to Corp Finance 11 Corp Finance and the Financial Manager What is Corp Finance 1 What long term investments should take lines of busshapes the jobs of managerscentralize fin function and measure performance 2 Where will get long term financing to pay for investment 3 How manage everyday financial activities The Financial Managermanagers rep owners interests and m d on behalflarge corpfin manager answers 3 questionsglobalization tech increased volatility of interest rates and foreign exchange rates raised stakes in fin mgmt dCFOPresidentCOOChairmanCEOcontrollercost and fin acc tax payments mgmt info systemstreasurermanage firms cash fin planning capital exp3 questions Financial Management Decisionscapital budgetingo planning and managing long term investments o fin managerfind investment oppcost to acquire val of cash flow generatedcost of assetsize how much timing when risk how likely of future cash flowsCapital structure o Mixture of st debt lt debt and equity firm uses to fin operations 1 How much should firm borrow Affects risk and val of firm2 What least exp sources of funds o Whatcash flow goes to creditors and SH o Fin managerhow and where raise Choosing lenders and loan typesWorking Capital Management o St assets st liabilities o Day to day activity ensure firm has sufficient resources and contin operations and avoid costly interruptionsre and disbursement of cash 1 How much cash and inv keep on hand 2 Sell on credit Terms Whom extend them 3 How obtain any st fin Purchase on credit borrow st and pay cash 12 Forms of Business Organization Firm growsadvantages of corp form outweigh disadvSole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation DefinitionBus owned by 1 indivBus formed by 2more pplBus created as distinct legal entity owned by 1more ppl entityMost important formLegal entity separate and distinct
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