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Chapter 1

Introduction: Chapter 1

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FIN 502
Steve Joyce

Chapter 1 Introduction to Personal Financial Planning Jan 10 2012 y IntroductionChapters 2 Time Value of Money allows us to compare amounts of money received and paid at different timesChapter 3 Setting goals and the Financial Planning Process how to set realistic financial goals and how to adjust your goal when it isnt realisticChapter 4 Measuring and Controlling Personal Finances determine your present financial position and plan for future savingChapter 5 Family Law financial planning issues that are affected by family law affairs instead of corporateChapter 6 The Life Cycle and Financial Intermediation Chapter 78 Personal Income Tax and Income Tax Planning basic structure of personal tax system focusing on person income tax return and rules to use your knowledge to minimize income tax returnsChapter 9 Risk Management theoretical basis for insuranceChapter 10 11 Life Health and Disability Insurance and Property Home and Automobile Insurance calculating requirements and the characteristics of insurance policiesChapter 12 Credit and Debt ManagementChapter 13 Buying a Home and Mortgage Financing Chapter 14 Principles of Investment Chapter 15 16 Types of Investment and Mutual Funds Chapter 17 Retirement Planning Chapter 18 Maturation of the Retirement Plan Chapter 20 Ethics for Personal Financial Planners y A Simple Model of Financial PlanningFinancial planning process
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