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Ryerson University
GEO 106
Elizabeth Carlson

Chapter Three: Mental Imagery and Mental Maps Mental Imagery: - spatial component relating the person’s location in the world - relational component that places that location with a larger system - temporal component (such that images are updated by new information, and contain places that no longer exist, such as retail stores that have gone out of business) - personal component that relates the person to other people and organizations - value component ordering parts of the image as good or bad - affectional component relating the emotional meaning of parts which result in... - public and private components expressing the degree to which the image is shared with others - most investigated by geographers would be the spatial component - content of images, and manner in which the world is observed, are dependant upon contextual attitudes about the relationship between humans and other aspects of the environment Images can be designative: - designative images (perception): manner in which spatial attributes (distance, direction, size, shape) are perceived by humans and used in spatial decision making – may be creation of mental map (example: designative images involve when you try to decide how to get somewhere) - appraisive images (perception): value judgments people make about environments (good, dangerous, cold, boring) affect people’s decisions about these places and the people who live there (example: used when you avoid travelling through crime-ridden areas of the city) - prescriptive images (perception): refer to people’s preferences and judgments about how things SHOULD be (the planning department designates some areas as single family detached housing and some areas for apartments) - Mental maps are distorted egocentric images of
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