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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Sharon Matthews

CHAPTER 3 PERCEPTION AN PERSONALITY INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL PERCEPTION Social perception: is the process of interpreting information about another person Virtually all management activities rely on perception Perception is also culturally determined Factors That Influence Our Perception of Others Characteristics of the Perceiver These characteristics include; mood, attitude, familiarity with the target, self-concept, and cognitive structure Characteristics of the Target These characteristics include; physical appearance, verbal communication, nonverbal cues and intentions Characteristics of the Situation These characteristics include; social context of the interaction, strength of situational cues Discounting principle: the assumption that an individuals behaviour is accounted for by the situation Barriers to Social Perception Selective Perception This is the process of selecting information that supports our individual viewpoints while discounting information that threatens our viewpoints Stereotyping Is a generalization about a group of people. Stereotypes can be accurate, but most of the time they are not First Impression Error The tendency to form lasting opinions about an individual based on initial perceptions Projection Overestimating the number of people who share our own beliefs, values and behaviors Self-Fulfilling Prophecies The situation in which our expectations about people affect our interaction with them in such a way that our expectations are fulfilled. Attribution in Organizations Attribution theory: explains how individuals pinpoint the causes of their own behaviour and that of others Attribution Biases www.notesolution.com
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