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Chapter 3

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Gordon Wang

Chapter 3 Perceiving Ourselves and Others in Organizations SelfConceptrefers to an individuals selfbeliefs and self evaluationswho am I How do I feel about myselfWe compare our images of that job with our current perceived self and desired ideal self images of ourselvesHow ppl perceive themselves helps to explain their attitudes motivation decisions and behaviour in the workplaceComplexity the number of distinct and important roles or identities that people perceive about themselves ex student friend daughterConsistency How compatible are the persons selfconcept identities with each other and with the persons personality values and other attributesClarity To what extentdoes the person define himhimself clearly confidently and consistentlyHigh SelfConcept helps ppl adapt well being less stress more selfconfidence and selfesteem vital for leadership rolesLow SelfConcept lower absenteeism perform better more concentration role flexibilityFour processes that shape selfconcept and influence a persons decisions and behaviour 1 Selfenhancement a persons inherent motivation to have a positive selfconcept and to have others perceive himher such as being competent attractive lucky ethical and importantPpl usually attribute their successes to personal motivation or ability while blami
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