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Genevieve Farrell

Chapter 7 Team DynamicsEffectivenessLearning Objectives1 Define teams explain how they differ from groups and contrast the 3 types of task interdependenceTeam is defined as 2 or more people with a common goal who are interdependent upon each other to achieve a particular task and who hold themselves accountable to each othersGroup 2 or more people with common interests and continuing interactionGroups do not have interdependence teams doTask Interdependence is the degree of taskdriven interaction among work team membersTask Interdependence in Teams 31Pooled Interdependence When a task is pooled it means that team members work individually but either draw from a pool of common inputs or pool their outputs base ball team2Sequential InterdependenceSuch teams rely on each other for resources with the output of one member becoming the input of another such as in a football team1Reciprocal Interdependence Other teams work like doubles tennis teams with indvls primary yet flexible responsibilitiesMembers have reciprocal interdependence with work being exchanged back and forth among themThis is the highest form of task interdependence of the 3 and it requires the best team work skills2 Describe the differences between functional crossfunctional problemsolving selfmanaged and virtual teamsFunctional and CrossFunctional TeamsFunctional teamsinclude EEs who work together daily on must coordinate their work on similar tasks
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