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Chapter 4

MHR 523 Chapter 4 Test Bank

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MHR 523
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c4Student 1 The impact of government on the human resource function is A subtle and indirectB direct and immediateC indirect but increasingD present but decreasingE important to strategy but not important to daily operations 2 Governments often create special regulatory commissions and boards in order to A to avoid flooding the courts with often minor issues as the workplace becomes increasingly regulatedB to make jobs for the unemployed regulatorsC to do a preliminary organizing of cases before sending them to the courtsD because the courts were refusing to hear workplace complaintsE because the courts did not know enough to make reasonable judgments 3 Human Resource specialists are concerned with legislation and regulations for all of the following reasons except A its necessary to stay informed or their knowledge becomes useless to the organizationB interpretation by regulatory bodies and court rulings affect HR activitiesC company programs must be legally compliantD poor public relations or law suits can occur against an organizationE they will be legally responsible for all of an organizations activities 4 Among federal governmental legislation that has had an impact on the human resource function are all the following except A Canada Labour Safety CodeB Charter of Rights and FreedomsC Human Rights ActD Employment Equity ActE Provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislation 5 The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is contained in the A BNA Act of 1867B Constitution Act of 1982C Declaration of IndependenceD Canadian Human Rights Act 1977E Canadian legislation concerning Immigration 6 The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides the following fundamental rights except A freedom of conscience and religionB freedom of thought belief opinion and expressionC freedom from hunger and wantD freedom of peaceful assemblyE freedom of association 7 The purpose of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is to A provide moral guidanceB provide a structure for human resource specialistsC provide fundamental rights to CanadiansD provide for lawyers and their familiesE provide a safe working environment 8 Specific areas where the Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides protection include all of the following except A democratic rightsB equality rightsC language rightsD Aboriginal rightsE union rights especially the right to bargain collectively and to strike 9 The impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms specifically on human resources management A is minimalB does not apply to business organizationsC varies from province to provinceD is major and farreachingE is felt less by Canadian organizations than by foreign subsidiaries 10 Section 1 of the Charter guarantees rights and freedoms but qualifies with adjectives such as reasonable and demonstratively justified which is one reason why A the Charter is no longer validB cases end up in the judicial systemC the Charter doesnt apply to nonhuman resource managersD the Charter is seen as antiunionE it is easier for employees to defend their rights in Canada 11 In relation to union issues legal decisions have held that the Charter A does include the right to strikeB does include the right to bargain collectivelyC does include the right to bargain collectively but not to strikeD does not include either the right to strike nor to bargain collectivelyE has had no real impact on any major union issue 12 Supreme Court decisions have affirmed that the rights to bargain collectively and to strike are A fundamental freedomsB guaranteed under the Charters Section 2 protecting the freedom of associationC statutory rights onlyD no longer rightsE historical rights beyond the reach of the Charter 13 The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the Charter does not guarantee the following labour rights except A the right to strikeB the right to bargain collectivelyC the right to picketD the right to work regardless of mandatory retirement rulesE the right seek employment anywhere in Canada 14 The difference between the Charter and the Canadian Human Rights Act is that the Charter guarantees equality before the law while the Human Rights Act seeks to provide A womens rightsB aboriginal rightsC equal employment opportunitiesD equal language rightsE social welfare rights
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