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Industrial Engineering
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Patrick Neumann

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Chapter 114 Individual contributors to societyChapter topics 1tech society2work smart not hard3efficiency of job and operationDevelopments of history rich nations11 The foundations of tech society are the following historical developmentsFoundation 7 key points1Specialization of labor2Energy from machines3standardizations and interchangeable parts4use of machines5mass production and mass consumption6the assembly line7computercomputer networksThese lead to our tech society thus leading to mass productionmass consumption12Improved living standards qualities as a result of tech societyThe following qualities are a formation of and result of a countries tech development1increased knowledge2diffusion of knowledge3political stabilitydeveloped countryno war 4capital to invest5orientation towards development 6large customer baseentire worlddev country 13 International tradeglobalizationworldwide tradeThis is due to improved info and networks transportationgrowth of multinational firms increase in inter trade due to low wages in other countries10 or less UShigh labor content product is not made in US unless automation is used perishable items are an exception
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