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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Vikraman Baskaran

Chapter 10 Developing and Managing Information Systems Information Resource Management is the process of managing information systems including hardware software data and databases telecommunications people and the facilities that house these IS components as an asset or resource that is critical to the org Chief Information Officer is the strategic level manager for information systemsMIS steering committee sets policy and priorities for the IS department System operators run hardware including loading tape and disk drivers Data entry operators enter data in computer readable format and are managed by database managersNetwork managers supervise networks Web masters handle the organizations web based presenceUser Interface is the part of the system with which end users interact Project Management ObjectivesThe project is a planned series of related activities for achieving a specific business objective Project management refers to the application of knowledge skills tools and techniques to achieve specific targets within specified budget and time constraintsScope defines what work is or is not included in a project Linking Systems Projects to the Business Plan Information systems plan supports their overall business plan and in which strategic systems are incorporated into top level planning Critical Success FactorsThis approach argues that an organizations information requirements are determined by a small number of critical success factors of managersPortfolio Analysis Inventories all ofthe organizations information systems projects and assets including infrastructure outsourcing contracts and licensesScoring Model
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