Chapter 12

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Information Technology Management
ITM 200
Vikraman Baskaran

Chapter 12 More on classes 12.1 Composition Composition (aka aggregation) is the concept of a class having other classes as the types of 1 or more of its attributes The concept of composition implements the so-called has a relationship between classes o In other words, you should implement a link between 2 classes A and B using composition o If you can say that A has a B, or vice versa o For example, a car has an engine, a cooker has an oven 12.2 Inheritance A class A can inherit from a class B by including the words extends B in the declaration of class A as follows o public class A extends B { o } This means that A will have all the attributes and methods of B This is an important part of object-oriented programming It allows classes developed for 1 application to be reused in another Main purpose of the toString() method in class Object is to specify that all Java classes are to have a toString() method Example of car passengers to show the concept of inheritance on pg 247-249 Protected indicates that this attribute is visible within the class Person and within any classes that inherit the class Person for example Passenger class o If we used private, then any object from Person class would not be available in the Passenger class Super invoke (call upon) the Person class constructor o Example on pg 249
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