Chapter 6 - Transport Layer - Part 4

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Franklyn Prescod

IMAP- The Internet Message Protocol • IMAP: used for final delivery, ○ to use IMAP, mail server runs an IMAP server that listens to party, ○ user agents runs an IMAP client, ○ client connects to server and begins to issue commands form those listed • Ability to address mail not by message number, but by using other attributes (eg, give me first message from Alice) • Searches can be performed on the server to find the messages that satisfy certain criteria • IMAP improvement of POP3 (Post office protocol version 3) ○ Simpler, but supports fewer features and is less secure in typical usage ○ Mail is usually downloaded to the user agent computer instead of remaining on the mail server ○ Life easier on the server but harder on the user ○ Not easy to read mail on multiple computers • Webmail: alternative to IMAP and SMPT for providing email service to use the Web as an interface for sending and receiving mail (eg gmail, Hotmail, yahoo) The World Wide Web • FTP: file transfer protocol ○ FTP servers provide simple clickable interface instead of a command line interface Server Side • When user types in URL, or clicks on a line of hypertext, the browser parses the URL and interprets the part between http:// and the next slash as a DNS name to lookup • Armed with the IP address of the server, the browser establishes a TCP connection to a port • Command containing the rest of the URL, path the page on the server
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