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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Maria Piccioni

Answers to the Chapter 1 Review Questions 1. The small company where you work needs to implement a second server for its accounting systems, but does not have the funds to purchase another computer until next year. Which of the following is a solution? Answer: b. Use virtualization. 2. You are consulting for an organization that has UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server 2008 servers. What feature in Windows Server 2008 enables coordination between systems that have different directory services? Answer: c. Microsoft Metadirectory Services 3. You are the administrative assistant for the Psychology Department in your college, and they have assigned you to set up a small server to provide basic file services to faculty, staff, and students in that department. For example, faculty will use the server to post and receive class assignments. Which edition of Windows Server 2008 is most appropriate for this situation? Answer: a. Standard Edition 4. Your company has a Web server, and sometimes when the network administrator uses tools to test the Web server by IP address there is no response from the server. Which of the following might be the problem? Answer: a. The Web server is set up with dynamic addressing and so its IP address changes periodically. 5. _____ enables a Windows Server 2008 system to run more than one program at the same time. Answer: d. Multitasking 6. Which of the following can you accomplish with Windows PowerShell? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. Set up printing., b. Install software., c. View information about local user accounts., and d. View a listing of files in a folder. 7. Your company has many telecommuters who work at home three days a week and in their offices two days a week. In both places they work with a laptop computer provided by the company. While the management team supports telecommuting, they are concerned about telecommuters who make changes to the security settings on their computers that do not match the security policies on the company’s network. Which of the following offers a solution for enforcing good security on this company’s network? Answer: b. NetworkAccess Protection (NAP) 8. _____ is used to enable Windows Server 2008 to support UNIX and Linux clients. Answer: Subsystem for UNIX-basedApplications (SUA) 9. Aserver administrator can use the _____ tool to view network connections, configure a firewall, and conf
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