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Chapter 10

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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Maria Piccioni

Chapter 13 Solutions Review Questions 1. Your IT director has read that Windows Server systems use NTLMv2 for default authentication, but he would rather have Kerberos as the authentication from the Windows Server 2008 domain controllers on the network. Which of the following do you mention to the IT director? Answer: d. Kerberos is installed by default on Windows Server 2008 DCs. 2. In Windows 2000 Server, you installed drivers for a new laser printer and the installation altered some of the system files so that you had to reinstall Windows 2000 Server. Which of the following is designed to help prevent this from happening in Windows Server 2008? Answer: a. User Account Control 3. You have received a Word memo from your supervisor outlining the five-year strategic plan for your company, which operates in a very competitive field. When you try to copy the memo or print it out, you discover you don’t have the rights to complete these actions. What Windows Server 2008 and Word capability did your supervisor use to safeguard the memo? Answer: c. Rights Management Services 4. A Statement of Health is issued by a client to a _____ server. Answer: Health Registration Authority 5. Your company is considering the use of Network Address Translation for remote access communications. Which of the following are advantages of Network Address Translation? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: b. It enables an organization to automatically assign its own IP addresses on an internal network without having to obtain a globally unique address. 6. The _____ authentication method uses a key distribution center and a _____ ticket. Answer: Kerberos; service 7. You need to lock down a server and ensure that only necessary TCP and UDP port communications are used for inbound and outbound network communications. What tool enables you to lock down communications through these ports? Answer: c. Windows Firewall 8. A TPM chip is used with _____ Encryption. Answer: BitLocker Drive 9. Attackers have been breaking into accounts on your server by using password-guessing software that goes through thousands of passwords before succeeding in finding combinations that work for particular user accounts. Which of the following security policies can you configure to block this type of intrusion? Answer: d. account lockout 10. To apply a security t
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