Chapter 6 - Use Case

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Information Technology Management
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ITM 430
Aziz Guergachi

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Chapter 6 – Use Case 6.1 Example - Use cases are text stories of some actor using a system to meet goal. - Example: Process Sale: A customer arrives at a checkout with items to purchase. The cashier uses the POS system to record each purchased item. The system presents a running total and line-item details. The customer enters payment information, which the system validates and records. The system updates inventory. The customer receives a receipt from the system and then leaves with the items. - Uses cases often are needed to be more detailed or structured and the essence is discovering and recording functional requirements by writing stories of using a system to fulfill user goals 6.2 Definition: What is Actor, Scenarios, and Use Cases Scenario: is a specific sequence of actions and interactions between actors and the system Use case: is a collected of related success and failure scenarios that describe the actor using a system to support a goal - It contains the main success scenario and alterative scenarios 6.3 Use Cases and the Use-Case Model - The Use-Case Model is not only requirement artifact in the UP. There are also the Supplementary specifications, Glossary, Vision, and Business Rules. - The use case model may optionally include a UML use case diagram to the name of use cases and actors and their relationships, which is the context diagram of the
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