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Chapter 6

ITM 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Interactive Voice Response, Management System, Supplier Relationship Management

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 100
Thomas Barbiero

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Chapter 6:
1. Alliance partners: competitor organizations that co-operate with one
another since doing so allows them to compete more successfully with other
2. Analytical CRM: supports back-office operations and strategic analysis and
includes all systems that do not deal directly with the customers
3. Automatic call distribution: a phone switch routes inbound calls to
available agents
4. Call-scripting systems: access organizational databases that track similar
issues or questions and automatically generate the details for the CSR who
can then relay them to the customer
5. Campaign management systems: guide users through marketing
campaigns, performing such tasks as campaign definition, planning,
scheduling, segmentation, and success analysis
6. Contact centre (call centre): customer service representatives (CSRs)
answer customer inquiries and respond to problems through a number of
different customer touchpoints
7. Contact management CRM systems: maintains customer contact
information and identifies prospective customers for future sales
8. CRM analysis systems: help organizations segment their customers into
categories such as best and worst customers
9. CRM manager: a person in an organization who is held accountable and is
responsible for the continued successful rollout of CRM in the organization
10. CRM predicting systems: helps organizations make predictions regarding
customer behavior, such as which customers are at risk of leaving
11. CRM reporting systems: help organizations identify their customers
across other applications
12. Cross-selling: selling additional products or service to a customer
13. Dealers: agents who sell products or services on behalf of a company or
organization, particularly in the automobile industry
14. Employee relationship management (ERM): a management activity that
focuses on managing an organizations relationships with its employees
15. Interactive voice response (IVR): directs customers to use touch-tone
phones or keyboards to navigate or provide information
16. List generators: compile customer information from a variety of sources
and segment that information for different marketing campaigns
17. Operational CRM: supports traditional transactional processing for day-
to-day front-office operations or systems that deal directly with the
18. Opportunity management CRM systems: target sales opportunities by
finding new customers or companies for future sales
19. Partner relationships management (PRM): focuses on keeping vendors
satisfied by managing alliance partner and reseller relationships that provide
customers with the optimal sales channel
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