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Chapter 5

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LAW 122
Andre Serero

Chapter 5 textbook notes: - The tort of conspiracy usually occurs when two or more defendants agree to act together with the primary purpose of causing the plaintiff to suffer a financial loss. - The tort of intimidation occurs when the plaintiff suffers a loss as a result of the defendant’s threat to commit an unlawful act against either the plaintiff or a third party. o Two party- intimidations: occurs when defendant directly coerces the plaintiff into suffering a loss. o Three-Party Intimidation: occurs when the defendant coerces a third party into acting in a way that hurts the plaintiff.  The plaintiff must prove that the defendant threatened to commit an unlawful act, such as a crime, a tort, or even a breach of contract.  The tort does not occur unless the threatened party gave in to the intimiation. For example, the plaintiff would not have won in Rookes v Bernard if the airline had ignored the union’s threat.  As long as the ther elements of the tort are established, there is no need to prove that the defendant intended to hurt the plaintiff. - The tort of interference with contractual, relations occurs when the defendant disrupts a contract that exists between the plantiff and a third party. o Direct inducement to breach of contract  Occurs when the defendant directly persuades a third party to break its contract with the plaintiff.  Liability requires for 4 factors:  The defendant must know about the contract that exists between the third party and the plaintiff. Defendant doesn’t need to know all the details.  The defendant must intend to ca
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