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Law and Business
LAW 122
Brad Mac Master

Invasion of privacy** False imprisonment -Unjustified confinement within fixed area – physical or psychological detention Psychological (no physical contact – “you will not leave this room”) physical is using contact (Prison, room, car, etc.) (No easy escape available) (No consent) (Bus passenger cannot demand new stop) Chapter 4 question 2 page *92 He has the freedom to go another way. She’s just stopping him from the direction he wants to go. However not false imprisonment he has the option to go the other way Powers of arrest and detention Page 86* Question 1 Only if a crime is actually being committed by the suspect. Not allowed to search, that would be detaining or invasion of privacy. Police officers just have to have a reasonable belief in commission of crime to be able to search, No liability even if no actual crime. Security guards or private citizens for example however cannot. Businesses may reduce the risk of liability by calling a police officer to search
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