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Winter Week 7 - Quality in Nursing and Health Care Delivery

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NSE 112
Liz Scott

Natalia Winter Week 7 Quality in Nursing and Health Care DeliveryApril03101Identify the factors that contributed to the focus on quality client care and define626 PMChange in public attitudesSocial value of health careHealth as a right not a privilegeDemand for transparency and accountabilityPatient and provider satisfactionClient outcomes 2 Discuss key elements of qualityHealthy work environmentscultureLeadershipadvocacyDecentralized managementDecision making occurring at the staff levelManagers and staff equally involved in decision making Vision for the unitStaffing modelsDesigns that determine hownurses provide careCollaborative practiceRNs working together with other members of the nursing team as well as with professionals from other disciplines and with clients and their families Working together towards mutually identified goals while valuing different perspectives and accountabilities of individual team membersCommunicationEmpowermentSupport3Discuss the historical development and limitations of quality assurance programsOrganizational programs such as total quality management TQM and continuous quality improvement CQI were developed to encourage staff to reflect
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