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Winter Week 8 - Legal Issues in Nursing Practice

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NSE 112
Liz Scott

Natalia Winter Week 8 Legal Issues in Nursing PracticeMarch0110902 PM1 Briefly discuss key components of Canadas legal system as it affects nursing practiceCanadian legal system divided intoPublic law primarily relations between people and the state or societyPrivate law disputes between individualsCivil law in QuebecCommon law the rest of the countryStatute Law created by elective legislative bodies such as Parliament and provincial or territorial legislaturesProvincial only apply to said territory ie Regulated Health Care Professions Act 1991 and other nursing acts throughout the countryFederal apply throughout the countryie Food and Drugs Act 1985Regulatory bodies Provincial nurses associationsie CNO2 Describe the legal responsibilities and obligations of nurses Standards of Careare legal guidelines for nursing practice Establish an expectation of nurses to provide safe and appropriate careIf nurses do not follow the standards they put themselves in legal jeopardy and clients at riskNursing is regulated by regulatory bodies which are accountable to the public to ensure safe competent and ethical nursing care ie College of Nurses of Ontario3 Discuss the concept of duty to care and professional practice liabilityA duty of care is a legal obligation placed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseably cause harm to othersNursing studentsare held accountable for their own actionsNursing students should never be assigned tasks for which they are unpreparedStudent status must be known to
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