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Winter Week 9 & 10- Ethics: Professionalism and Ethical Practice

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Ryerson University
NSE 112
Liz Scott

Natalia Winter Week 910Ethics Professionalism and Ethical PracticeApril06101Describe how values and belief systems influence client care and our approaches to ethical 1008 PMissuesValues strong personal belief and an ideal that a person or groups ie Nurses strive to upholdInfluence behaviour on the basis of the conviction that a certain action is correct in a certain situationReflect cultural and social influences relationships and personal needsUnderstanding personal values and beliefs helps to prevent ethical conflicts and to work through them when they occurDevelop and change over time2Differentiate between bioethics relational ethics and professional nursing code of ethics Canadian Nursing Association and International Council of Nurses BioethicsCentral idea is that moral decision making in healthcare should be guided by four principlesAutonomyBeneficenceNonmaleficenceJustice Relational EthicsEthical understandings are formed in and emerge from a persons relationships with othersRefers to personal relationships as well as relationships with an institutional structureFocuses on the role of relational context or the experience of relations in shaping moral choicesFour themesEnvironment elements of the healthcare system where you work and how it affects your relationshipsEmbodiment becoming truly
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