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Chapter 1 Nursing as a KnowledgeBased ProfessionNursing is a profession that meets health care needs in society All professions have two characteristics1Contribute to the good of society2Educated to use specialized knowledge to meet specific need of societyNature of NursingNursing has developed knowledge of the life patterns and processes of people and their interactions with the environment to promote health and full lifepotential for individuals families groups and society as a wholeThe special need is for understanding people to help them manage their healthEX A young mother takes her child to see a physician because the child has an ear ache The physician writes a prescription for medication that can be filled by the pharmacist at the local drugstore The mother does not fill the prescriptionA much broader understanding of what is going on with the mother and child and their environment is needed to promote their health Perhaps mother couldnt fill out prescription due to money issues religious beliefs her own judgement etcThus We need to understand the place of people on our earth and how health is affected by our changing worldKnowledge and skill and sensitivity in using knowledge are required to meet the complex needs in contemporary society Learn a broad education and understanding of people their environments and healthstCharacteristics of 21Century NursingFlorence Nightingale is considered the mother of modern nursing She emphasized that nursing was more than administering medications and applying bandages Rather aims to promote health by using the environment to aid the natural processes of the body to heal itself Great challenges were created by changes in health careNew developments in science and technologyeasier diagnosis and treatment for illnesses than in the pastEconomics and politicsBut the USs society has not found a way to pay for health careethical and social development has no kept up with sciences advancement This creates a complex environmentstKnowledge development in the 21 century builds on the advances in understanding people and their health needs AND taking into account the unresolved concerns with health care delivery Focus of Knowledge for NursingThe goal contribute to health by focusing on life processes of individuals in their environments
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