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Chapter 2

NSE 21A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Frankfurt School, Nursing Theory, Theoretical Definition

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Week 2 : 13-22 33-47 53-59 251-265
Week: 1 review
What is narratives? And narratives competency?
- Narratives is telling a story- and these story are the account of pt. experience to the event
or action in their life.
- Narrative competencies is the ability to acknowledge, interpret and act upon the stories
presented by the pt. goal: pt. focused.
Week 2:
Objectives: building block of theory
And relationship of building block of theory to practice.
1. Review the building blocks for theory development.
2. Explore and analyze the building blocks of theory in nursing practice
3. Explore and discuss the relevance of the building blocks of theory in nursing practice.
4. Explore and analyze the relationship between the building blocks of theory in nursing
5. Analyze critical thinking and types of reasoning
6. Examine skills for building a theory-based nursing practice
7. Review Phenomenology and Critical Social Theory.
Yarn activity?
What qualities/attribute does yarn have? Used for? Ever used yarn?
- When we are answering this, we had to speculate.
- We are influenced by one another.
Why do I have a ball of yarn today?
Theory: “theory” to speculate: draw conclusion to
- How things are related to one-another. (yarn)- developed like a web within class room.
similarly, theory is complex.
- Theory provides contex, helps to formulate a conclusion using subjective and objective
and has influenced by others.
- There is more than 1 theory because, people have a different perception of things.
Theory provides structure (organized, provides guidance) for thinking and behavior –
informing what you do as a nurse
Purpose of Theory:
Helps you develop understanding
Deconstruct a situation
Helps you solve problems and answer questions, explore and explain phenomena
Explain past events and predict future events, and develop an element of control
An introduction to theory and reasoning in nursing
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