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Fall Week 7 - Qualitative Research Designs

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Fall Week 7 Qualitative Research DesignsNovember2710659 PMIn quantitative research researchers specify a research design before collecting their data and adhere to that design once the study is underway they designand then they doIn quantitative research the research design typically evolves during the study qualitative researchers designas they doQualitative research design is an emergent designa design that emerges as researchers make ongoing decisions reflecting what has already been learnedWhy use a Qualitative DesignWhen the research goal is to thoroughly describe understand or explain a phenomenon from the subjective perspective of the participantsWhen striving for a holistic understanding of a phenomenonCharacteristics of a Qualitative Research DesignIt is flexible and elastic capable of adjusting to what is being learned during the course of data collectionRequires researchers to become intensely involvedRequires ongoing analysis of the data to formulate subsequent strategies and to determine when fieldwork is doneTends to be holistic striving for an understanding of the wholeTypically involves a merging together of various data collection strategiesDecisions about how when and from whom the data will be collected is planned before the study begins but may be subject to change as it unfoldsAdvance planning is usually important with regard to the followingSelecting the research tradition that will guide certain design and analytic traditionsSelecting the study site and indentifying settings within the site that are likely to be especially fruitful for data collectionIdentifying the key gatekeepers who can provide or deny access to key data sources and can make arrangements for gaining entryDetermining the maximum time available for the studyIdentifying all the needed equipment for the collection and analysis of data in the field eg Audio and video recording equipment Decisions are made as the study unfolds emergent designQualitative Research MethodsFocus is the participants subjective experiencesNaturalistic settings homes hospital rooms etcMethods interviews direct observation document review cultural recordsThere is no control of the independent variable the term variable is not used at allGroup comparisons are not usually doneSmall sample size compared to quantitative studiesData collection may be crosssectional or longitudinalData is collected until they reach data saturation when the researcher hears repetition in the participants experiencesAnalysis is artful progressiveEthical principles of respect nonmanipulation are highly valuedPhases of a Qualitative StudyOrientation and overview1Get a handle on what is salient about the phenomenon of interestFocused exploration2Scrutiny and indepth exploration of salient informationConfirmation and closure3Going back and discussing findings with participants are findings accurate Trustworthy Research Page 1
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