NUR 80A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Evidence-Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Practice, Journal Club

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8 Sep 2016

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Canadian Essentials of Nursing Research
Chapter 1: Introducing Research and it’s’ Relevance to Nursing Practice
What is Nursing Research?
-Research: systematic inquiry using methods to answer questions with a goal of expanding
-Nursing research: designed to develop evidence about issues of importance
The Importance of Research in Nursing
-Evidence- based practice: the use of the best clinical evidence in making care decisions that
comes from various sources including studies
Roles of Nurses in Research
-Nurses are expected to read research reports to maintain up to date on findings that will affect
their practice
-Nurses participate in designing, refining, and implementing studies with emphasis on
producing knowledge that will positively affect patients
-Research related activities that nurses may find of interest include: participation in a journal
club, attending scientific presentations, assisting researchers, discussing implications and
relevance of findings
The Early Years: From Nightingale to the 1970s
-Florence Nightingale was successful in changing in nursing care, specifically public health
-1900s was focused on nursing education, then focused on the amount of time required to
perform nursing activities, then focused on studying nurses and what they did
-1950s: more nurses had academic preparation, government funding, nursing research
journals, and upgraded research skills
-1960s: practice oriented nursing began and The International Journal of Nursing Studies &
Canadian Journal of Nursing Research were published
-1970s: research focused on patient and health related outcomes & journals focused on
theoretical and contextual issues were created
Nursing Research Since 1980
-Reviews on evidence in areas of nursing practice and the use of research findings were
published in Annual Review of Nursing Research
-National Health Research Development Program & Medical Research Council of Canada
allowed research funding to be available
-Late 1980s: Evidence Based Medicine was designed by a group from McMaster University
-1989: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality was created to support research to improve
quality of health care, reduce health costs, and enhance patient safety
-Canadian Health Services Research Foundation established in 1997
-Today: Funding for research in Canada comes from The Canadian Health Services Research
Foundation, The Canadian Association for Nursing Research, The Canadian Nurses
Foundation, etc
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