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Chapter 1

PHL 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Noble Lie, Philosopher King, Timocracy

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PHL 101
Sasa Stankovic

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- Nature of justice and definition:
- Claims that paying debts is not justice
- Giving people what is owed to them: WRONG. People sometimes do
good things to bad people, and will lead to injustice
- Tras. (a sophist) → J. is the advantage of the stronger. S.--> political
figures are imperfect, justice is for people and not rulers
- Injustice = ignorant, following rules that are for the group
- Seeming just = others to like you, Adeimantus, says they celebrate the
good things it brings not just for itself
- S. two types: political and individual
- Political: just city state from nothing
- People cannot survive alone, do the work their best suited to do
(farming, producing bare min), then luxury, for advance society,
but war will result to expand and have to specialize work, will then
need city state and guardians and army now → guardians says
they should not hear stories that portray the gods bc it will tarnish
their character, laws banishing stories that portray god's
negatively **Overlaps with Locke’s ideas of music and poetry,
stories about Witches and goblins bc they are false
- They can't be afraid to die bc they need to be brave
- Types of poetry: only narrative poetry rather than representation
- Medical care,
- Rulers and non-rulers (auxiliaries → enforcers) , everyone else is labourers,
there will not be conflict between classes
- Noble lie: myth of the medals (gold, silver, or bronze)
- Ppl with gold are the rulers, silver auxiliaries, bronze = farmer
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