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Chapter week 3

POL 128 Chapter Notes - Chapter week 3: World View

Politics and Public Administration
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POL 128
Matthew Flisfeder
week 3

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Week 3
How to Read Iron Man
The Economics, Geopolitics and Ideology of Imperial Film Commodity
Economic Power of Iron Man: A synergistic Blockbuster for the Walt Disney Company
Movie was designed to make as much revenue possible
"branded entertainment" many advertisements throughout film-- mentioned by main
character, scenery
Film supports economic power of u.s. empire by sustaining global market dominance of
Hollywood and its cross-border trade in block-buster films
Military Power of Iron Man: DOD- Hollywood Complex and Militainment
Glorifies air force, promotes military industrial academic complexs R&D on cybord-
soldier weapons technology
The cultural Power of Iron Man: The imperial Ideology of the Iron Man Text
Adressed worries that U.S MIC is controlled by greedy CEO's who motivated by profit
make and sell weapons to whoever buys it from them
-Shows how capitalist accumulation logics of global Hollywood intersects with the
strategic, promotional and ideological imperatives of the U.S. state, the DOD in particular
-Hollywood and DOD are different kind of organizations- the difference does mean there
is never any symbolic interaction between the two
-Hollywood and DOD motivated by different priorities- iron man an imperial film
commodity illustrates how economic and geopolitical interests interact and intertwine in
support of U.S Empire and broader product of global market
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