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Chapter 2

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PSY 102
Niusha Ghazban

thChapter 2 Research Methods Safeguards against Errors Tuesday May 6 2014 All comments in red are additions to the slides posted ASSIGNMENT DUE THURSDAY MAY 15th BEFORE 1159PM 9 of your final gradeoAssignments are uploaded through Turnitin onlineDo not copy and paste unless it is a quote 36 similarity is considered a failoAssignments can be uploaded multiple times but only the most recent one will be gradedoDo NOT upload the assignment after this time or it will be counted as LATEAssignment details are already on BlackBoardScenario A B or CCRITICALLY evaluatePart 1 analyze the claims being made according to the THREE of 6 principles of scientific thinkingProviding evidence why the scenario follows or does NOT follow the principlesPart 2 analyze the claims according to 1 of the 3 warning signs related to pseudoscientific claimsdiscuss how it applies to the scenario your textbook explains more claims but stick to one example psychobabbleBe as specific as you can Only 400 words for the assignment approximately 100 words per section Any papers longer than the word count will NOT be gradedNot looking for summaries or anything fancySeparate title page is neededuse the SCENARIO title as the title of your assignment When submitting the assignment use the name Scenario Atitle no need to add name course code date etcStudying Human Behavior Research Methods in PsychologyOverview Why Research Methods1 Data Collection Strategies2 Correlational Studies vs Experiments3 Research Ethics4 Evaluating the Research Results StatisticsWhy do we need good research methods and research designs What if I told you I know how it worksIntuitive judgments can guide thinkingWhat pitfalls would we face without research methodsConfirmation biasObjectivitydisinterestedness etcWhy Research Methods
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