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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Memory

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PSY 402
Sohail Rashid

Chapter 7 MemoryNovember2510845 AMMemory researchers have long focused on three general steps in memory processing as potential sources of age differences encoding storage and retrievalEncodingputting things into the systemCapacity largeDuration very short if you dont pay attention to it its goneStoragekeeping info in the systemSensory large capacity duration 2secShort term memory 72 chunks30 secLong term memory unlimited capacitydurationElaborative rehearsal linking things to other thingsRetrievalaccessing infoWorking memory is the active process and structures involved in holding information in mind and simultaneously using it to solve a problem make a decision or learn new informationAn updating of the three box model above which says theyre not completely separate storesHas a small capacity can only keep a small number of items simultaneouslyIt is where the information obtains meaning and is transformed for longer storageIt does not decline with age although processing speed becomes slowerLongterm memoryis the ability to remember extensive amounts of information from a few seconds to a few hours to decadesLarge capacity store in which information can be kept for long periodsConsists of distinct multiple systems that are functionally different and are served by different brain structures These systems can be divided into two general types conscious explicit memory and nonconscious implicit memoryExplicit memory is the deliberate and conscious remembering of information learned and remembered at a specific timeTypes of long term memor
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