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Chapter Assignment

REM 300 Chapter Notes - Chapter Assignment: Cushman & Wakefield, Commercial Property, Cbre Group

Real Estate Management
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REM 300
David Atkinson

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REM300 Assignment 1 Commercial Property Report
Due date: Week of October 2, 2017 in class (hard copy) and also by way of Turnitin through D2L
Brightspace no later than 10 minutes after the start of class.
Prepare a report about a commercial property that is currently for sale in Toronto or the GTA.* You will
describe and analyze this property as if you work for a real company that invests in real estate as its
main business activity.
What firms invest in commercial real estate? Consider why firms invest and the sort of
commercial buildings different investors would invest in.
Locate a property that would broadly fit the investment strategy of the firm you represent (see
below; e.g., a real estate investment trust, or REIT, that specializes in single and multi-
tenanted retail properties might be interested in a retail park (power center)).
The report will include your recommendation including strengths and weaknesses of the property as an
Step 1- Define the company you work for
This could be a private investment firm, a public investor (e.g., local or national real estate operating
company (property company), a real estate investment trust (REIT), or an institutional investor (e.g.,
bank, pension fund, or insurance company). This is an important first step as the property you choose
must match the investment objectives of the firm you represent.
Step 2- Find a commercial property for sale
Commercial property listings for the Toronto area can be found on Loopnet, CBRE, JLL, Cushman &
Wakefield, Colliers and other websites. Select a commercial property that you find interesting. You must
visit the property so choose accordingly.
Step 3 - Site visit
Visit the site and take your own photographs of the property and the neighbourhood. Make observations
of the site, the condition of the structure, occupants and neighbouring properties.
Consider the location check what it’s close to, and show you understand why this matters.
Also consider other attributes of the property including age and design, as well as access for
occupiers and their customers. Ask yourself if the site is well served by different forms of
transport. Does the space connect occupier and customer in an effective way?
Step 4 Report
Write a report that describes the property and includes your analysis. Your description should include
your observations about the site, structure and neighbourhood and your photos. It should also include the
zoning classification, property type, information about any occupants of the property (if possible and
relevant), and other material that you consider pertinent. Attach the property sale listing from the
website as an appendix.
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