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Monday April 28 ySOC104 Ch 9 NeoliberalismGlobalizationThe state is a classbased institution generally giving priority to the interests of the class with economic powerIf we think dialectically we realize that the 3 levels of govt in Canada often do things that are of benefit to the rest of usThe Erosion of the CommonsThere are still a great many areas of life that have remained in the public domain Considered out of bounds for private ownershipcommonsThe Growth of the Welfare StateShort period during 2nd half of the 20th century when it seemed as if the commons was expandinggovts were taking the interests of citizens more seriouslyTime of relative economic stability and improved living conditionsGolden age of capitalismAdvantages for citizensState can generally provide services at lower cost bc of its large sizelack of a profit motiveUniversal system maximizes fairnessThus it can be worthwhile to pay taxes to the govt if the major part of it returned to us in the form of needed servicesMany had just fought in the war and thought their country owed them something Even those who hadnt gone overseas suffered depression and then lived through the deprivations of a wartime economyCitizens had high expectations of their governmentsThe degree to which each country adopted Keynesian policies and expanded the welfare state variesNeoliberalismthe Decline of the Welfare StateGreater govt intervention in the economy could not permanently eliminate the contradictions of capitalist economiesBy mid 1970s Golden Age came to an end as capitalist entered a permanent state of economic crisis1
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