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SOC 808
Jacqui Gingras

14 Food Security Some Contradictions Associated with Corporate Donations to Canadas Food BanksIntroductionFood insecurity is a major social problem in Canada In March 2010 almost 870000 people sought assistance from a local food bank or an affiliated emergency food programCritics have long complained that food banks are a bandaid solution to a fundamentally flawed economic systemthat by taking the edge off peoples suffering food banks thereby help keep a lid on civil unrestThe Rise of Food Insecurity in CanadaLong after the Depression of the 1930s Canadas first food bank opened in 1981A decade later the number of food banks had swelled to almost 300 ibid By 2002 there were an estimated 620 food banks and over 2000 affiliated organizations providing socalled emergency food services to people nationwide In March of that year these services fed almost threequarters of a million people across the countryThe two provinces that experienced the greatest increase in numbers of people turning to food banks were Saskatchewan 201 per cent and Manitoba 21 per centIn Canadas largest metropolitan region the Greater Toronto Area there were nearly 12 million visits to the Daily Bread Food Bank and its partner organizationsDespite the proliferation of emergency food services across Canada over the past 30 years many households nutritional needs remain unmet in part because food banks are not publicly funded their mostly volunteer staff members depend on charitable donations from individuals and corporationsFood bank had to ration food amounts leading those in need to one visit a month and no refrigerators meant not providing fresh foods Most offerings were canned or nonperishableLinking Theory and PracticeThe literature on food insecurity tends to fall into two camps I will call them the antipoverty camp and the food sovereignty campThe AntiPoverty PerspectiveFrom the antipoverty perspective Canada has more than enough food to feed all of its inhabitants but some people simply cannot afford to buy what they needOne of the main factors contributing to food insecurity has been the inadequacy of social assistance paymentsA major reason for the inadequacy of welfare benefits is the federal governments decision to alter its policy for transferring money to the provinces For 30 years a federalprovincial agreement the Canada Assistance Plan had obliged the federal government to pay 50 per cent of a provinces costs for social programs so long as that province upheld certain standards that people in need be given financial assistance regardless of cause that
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